My Three Sweetest Spots of the Week (Round 4)

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Our recent move to the west of Singapore was met with a bit of dismay from my east coast coffee buddies. I’ll have to admit a bit of trepidation on my part because I had so many firm favourites in the east. Now, having settled in the west, I am finding great little spots that make it worth the move to this side of the island.

Jimmy Monkey Café


The doorway to great coffee and cool vibes

It might seem an unusual location for a Melbournian café, tucked into the side of One-North Gateway, at the base of a concrete condo complex. I dropped in one day when I was apartment hunting because a friend had told me about Jimmy Monkey a few years ago. You can tell you’re in the right place when you drive by the neon sign in the side window. My friend had said that the coffee was excellent. And it totally is.


The cosy lounge inside Jimmy Monkey Café

The very serious staff make a delicious cup, be it a long black or latte. Their gorgeous Slayer machine is a sight to behold and I love the vibe. It’s cosy but just full of personality. The food is very Aussie with a hearty steak sandwich, avocado and feta on toast, soup and a chilli crab pasta that smells delish though I haven’t had the chance to try it yet.

If you drop in, you might find me quietly working in the corner because it’s just that sort of place (and there’s free wifi!).


Doing a working lunch at Jimmy Monkey Café.

9 One-North Gateway, #01-51 One-North Residences, Singapore 138643
Tel: +65 6777 8470

Facebook: jimmymonkeycafe
Instagram: jimmymonkeycafe

Opening hours:
7 days a week – 7.00am till 6.00pm

Paddy Hills

Paddy Hills Shopfront

The front of Paddy Hills. Sorry about the pic, it was rainy and I just needed to get inside.

I love the name and the neon sign (another one!) at Paddy Hills that says “Rise and Grind”. Somehow it makes me think of countryside and greenery and the smell of grass. Though the Paddy Hills scent is actually one of great coffee and truffles if you are lucky enough to visit during truffle season. We were and had a good risotto along with the Paddy Hills version of Pasta Carbonara which highlights their homemade pasta.


Truffled mushroom risotto during truffle season.

You can tell if a restaurant knows what they are doing if they can nail a risotto and here, it was smooth, creamy. The rice had the tiniest bit of bite to it (like it should, so it wasn’t mushy or gluggy) and they kindly turned it meat-free for The Vegetarian. Both dishes presented with a generous shaving of truffle on top. The rest of the menu is really interesting. Somewhat fusion with a bit of humour, if you can call it that. For example, my Bubbly Yuzu which was refreshing, tart and cool. I’ll be back for brunch someday soon and I do drop in for a coffee now and then.


Love their business cards. I think I’ll start a collection of great café business cards.

38 South Buona Vista Road, Singapore 118164
Tel: +65 6479 0800


Opening hours:
Tue to Fri: 10:30am to 5pm, 6 to 10pm
Weekends: 9am to 5pm, 6 to 10pm
Check social media for public holiday schedules.

Atlas Coffeehouse


The front of Atlas. Love the concrete and black minimalism.

Atlas is another little gem that I’ve been to several times since I moved, despite it being up along Bukit Timah Road. The first time I went, I had the unfortunate experience of trying their Tonic Water and Coffee concoction. It was recommended so I suppose people may like it. My coffee buddy that day had a lovely hot chocolate presented in a sweet little glass carafe. Thankfully, she shared her marshmallows and since then I’ve had one of these myself and it’s one of those drinks you’d get when in need of a little bit of comforting.


The Atlas Hot Chocolate is so pretty and equally yummy.

I rather like their menu. Once I had their Summer Chicken Stew, cooked til the chicken leg was tender, in a savoury, creamy sauce. It was served with bread and I really enjoyed soaking up the delicious, soupy juices of the stew. Another time, I was in the mood for brekky and ordered their version of Hash and Eggs. Loved the stack of potato, sausages, bacon, egg and rocket with a tart dressing on the top. It was just the thing to have, despite it being lunchtime.

Their version of Hash and Eggs. So good!

Their “normal” coffees are fantastic so I’ll keep coming back here for both their coffee and food. I enjoy the environment as well, with concrete, wood and black trim, it gets busy at peak times but still a great place for a meet up or a casual chat.

6 Duke’s Rd, Singapore 268886
Tel: +65 6314 2674

Facebook: atlascoffeehouse
Instagram: atlascoffeehouse

Tues to Sun: 8am to 7pm
Check social media for public holiday schedules.

Please note that I pop into these cafes randomly and pay for my own coffee and food.

Cover photo at Knots Cafe and Living. All images by Angela Manners. This article was originally published on and may have been edited for this platform.

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