Sandwich Saigon – 28th Jan 2013

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Stopped into this little shop for a quick bite after going to Pilates today. It’s been here for a year maybe but I’ve never been. You see, I have a few Vietnamese friends who make the most awesome food you can imagine so I’ve never felt the need. But somehow today as I was wandering by, I felt like seeing what they had on offer.

Ordered me their cold cut trio and a lemon juice and soda (with less sugar). Perfect little lunch for me! Crunchy baguette and really tasty meat with smooth pâté, a dash of their type of maggi sauce, fresh herbs and pickles (which I would have liked a bit more kick too but only cause my friends make pickles with a bang and I love them). They make everything themselves, from the baguette to the cold cuts to the pickles. It was a really tasty Banh Mi.

Next time I’ll try their Pho. They have a chicken one all day but only serve the beef one on the weekends as it cooks for 8 hours and quite tiring to make (said the lovely girl who was serving). The chicken one doesn’t take as long and both are made without MSG which is really hard to find. Another customer had one of these steaming bowls and they were going on about how good it was, I almost ordered a bowl for me. But after feeling so proud that I even made it to Pilates, I thought I should try to be reasonable and not eat two lunches right after!

Ok, better get going now. I’ve been procrastinating all morning! i think you’ll find me procrastinating here another day. And really soon because now that I’ve got the idea of Pho in my head, it won’t stop til I try it.

About Sandwich Saigon:
Kid friendly – It’s a tiny shop though mostly empty when I went. But why would you? I loved having my little lunch on my own with very little distraction other than my iPhone with which I am blogging.
Opening hours – Mon to Wed & Fri: 11.30am-3.00pm & 5pm-10pm (last order at 9.30); Sat, Sun & public holidays: 11.30am-10.00pm (last order at 9.30pm).
Location – 93 East Coast Road. Park at I12, across the street or anywhere around there and walk.
Web –

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