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My girlfriends and I have been on a weekly burger run to any place that has a good burger. Last week was Carver’s. This week, Luke’s Oyster Bar and Chophouse on Gemmill Lane. I will seriously have to add in more (some) exercise to my schedule if this keeps up! Twice in the same month, the burgers at Luke’s were recommended to me. I think I’m getting the rep of being a bit of a burger freak… Funny thing is I would probably not normally order a burger at a restaurant like this. I’d opt for steak or fish or something “fancy”.

The lunchtime crowd is full of men in suits… Well, in Singapore, men in tailored shirts. But you get the idea. Business men doing deals, a couple ladies, but not many, we were definitely the minority. As soon as you walk in, there is an ice covered bar on which sits really yummy looking, fresh oysters. We didn’t try them. We stuck to our goal – burgers all around for us. 3 with cheese and bacon and one without the bacon. Had to have the Luke’s Blue Label Burger instead of their lunch burger that comes with coleslaw and fries (pretty good deal as well for around $25 if I remember correctly). But in order to accurately compare burgers, we had to get their best. (The friendly waitress told us it had a bigger patty and was made of a mix of chuck and short rib). An order of fries to share was also a must to have.


The burger comes semi-deconstructed. I suppose this is so you can pick what salad you want on it and slather it with mustards, ketchup or mayo. It comes with a little dish of spicy mayo. I’m not very saucy myself (debatable to some) so I only put a little bit of the mayo that comes with it on the top bun. My partners in crime are piling on the mustard and ketchup. I choose to put lettuce, tomato and pickles on top, leaving off the massive circle of raw red onion. The patty has gorgeous charring on both sides. This results in crispy bits encasing soft, moist meat. On top of that are bits of bacon and then encasing the top of everything a melting slice of cheese.  Anyway, once you do have the burger stacked and ready to go, it’s quite a mouthful! Delightful messy, sloppy burger eating ensues. Halfway through, I gave up trying to keep the burger stacked and let the lettuce and tomato fall out. Have to compliment the shoestring fries we ordered on the side to share.


Oh it was a good burger! Definately satisfying, really tasty and in Luke’s chic setting, it made for a very nice lunch with the girls.

22 Gemmill Lane, Singapore 069257

Tel: 6221 4468

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