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Dapper Coffee, Amoy Street

Ahoy there me hearties! That’s what I thought of when I got here. Could be all the wood panelling and old lanterns but I’m pretty sure that crusty old sailors never got coffee this good! One could turn their nose up at the hodge podge of bits and pieces. I have to say that when I came in February, I was one of those persons. But for some reason now, i’m really liking the vibe. I feel a bit like a treasure hunter who has wandered into an old fashioned tavern full of wonders.

In an act of irresponsibility, I’ve decided not to rush home to my baby but instead I’ve stopped for a coffee after dropping my hubby off. (I guess that means i’m irresponsible almost every day!

A couple signs on the street signify where to go and I bumble up the long flight of stairs. Gee i’ve gotten unfit! And it’s only halfway up the stairs then through a door that could possibly have been found at an indian restaurant? Hmmmm.

Popping my head in, I yell out “hello” and find owner, Christina at the back putting together a strawberry tart. I’m not in a huge hurry so I watch for a bit then wander out to the front where Christina makes me a great latte, served in a vintage cup that she found at an antique store. She’s a collector of sorts with different little vessels to be used for espressos, milk, you name the liquid. I’m loving the mix that is sat atop their coffee machine.

They have a small breakfast and lunch menu of interesting items that they change ever so often and I’ve promised to come back and try their Japanese inspired lunch one day soon (hopefully before they change it).

On my way out, I ask about their nut milks which they make in house. Christina gives me a sip of their hazelnut milk and it is gooood. I can imagine it with a hot chocolate for a fabulous Nutella drink. Mmmmm.

At night the “ship” turns into a cocktail bar and I have visions of an old sailor with a peg leg and perhaps someone with an eye patch to be sitting on a barstool along their copper benchtop. (Though I’m pretty sure the crowd would be more sophosticated than that!)


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    I came across your profile on Instagram and must say I really like your posts. Love the pictures, wish they were bigger. I love how you weave your posts. Kudos. Keep em coming.

    25/09/2015 at 06:24
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