Nam Nam noodle bar – 27 March 2013

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Yes, tis true. Today I have gone from cafe to noodle bar with barely an hour in between.

I did stop for a browse in a bookstore, a novelty for me cause I have a kindle and also cause actual book stores are harder to find now adays. Sometimes I wish I didn’t get my kindle cause the feel and smell of paper, to me, is lovely.

So here I am at Nam Nam noodle bar at Raffles City. Their other one is in the basement of Wheelock Place. I had to come now cause I have to pick up my little darling at 12.30. And anytime after 12, the line is horrendous.

Probly because Singapore is as obsessed with this place as I am. As mentioned in a previous post, I have a few Vietnamese friends who make the best food in the world! But when I need a fix and they haven’t been labouring over their pho pot for a day, Nam Nam will do just fine.

Today $9.90 has gotten me the lunch set of southern rolls, beef pho and a refreshing iced lotus tea. They make their soups with no MSG, boiling it for over 24 hours and it is tasty, peppery and really comforting. Their southern rolls are fresh, tightly rolled (you should see my attempts at rolling fresh rolls) and rather good too.

With Andrea Bocelli blaring out of the CD store behind me, I’m rather happy to be here, my only regret is that I won’t have room in my ample belly for one of Nam Nam’s banh mi’s. They are pretty good though the bun/filling ratio is a bit off and I prefer real baguette’s (like at Sandwhich Saigon) instead of their soft bread rolls. Still. I am sad to not be able to have one today… Or will I?!

The crowd is starting to build up, people lining up behind me. Whoever did Nam Nam’s concept and branding couldn’t have done a better job. It’s trendy enough to be seen at, casual enough to feel like the food will be good, priced well enough for a weekday lunch and the service is great even though you do most of it yourself.
They have you in and out in 1/2 an hour cause though the surrounds are nice, it’s crammed enough for you to not linger. Which is what I have been doing. And I best get out of here and let one of the hungry masses in line take my seat.

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